Email from John A. Conwell


Please forgive my intrusion and accept my deepest regrets and sympathy in the loss of your son and one of the brethren. This past weekend, JFK, Jr. passed away and people who don't know him or were even affected by him in their daily lives will mourn his passing, yet every time one of our true fellow aviators passes on there is only the family and the brotherhood to mourn his lost. In my twenty years I lost many brothers and although I did not know your son personally, I knew who he was...He was the guy who was always poring over his logbook, his map sheets, his -10 and his War Book to ensure that he was ready for the mission and all the unexpected events that just naturally arose in day to day Army Aviation missions. He was the guy who was proud of the "Squashed Bug" (the Warrant Officer insignia) and all that it signified as the true back bone of Army Aviation and the destiny, the history and the legacy started in Korea, expounded in Vietnam and that carries on today in Korea, Ecuador, Bosnia, Kosovo and countless other countries throughout the world. He was the guy that good naturally joked the attack and the heavy lift guys. Hey, we all ribbed each other but we each had our share of the pie and we each deepened on the other to support and make Army Aviation what it was and is. Yes, sir, I didn't know your son, but he was part of me and I truly grieve with you in your loss. Each time I come across another page such as yours I remember why it was that I joined, served and loved it... because of men like your son that were there as well. In closing, I wish to pass the legacy of your son on to my sons. Jeremiah Andrew Conwell was named for Jeremiah Denton, a Florida man who went to war for his country and suffered for his country and a man I truly respect for his fortitude. His middle name comes from me, his father, a man who could only hope to emulate others that went through suffering for this great country. Paul Allen Conwell is named for a fellow army aviator, a close friend and an icon in 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. His middle name comes from his grandfather, another truly great man that I love and respect for the 34 years service that he gave to his country in the US Navy and that I love and communicate with daily. Your page is special to me, because Jerry and Paul share your blood... their mother is Peruvian and I am of Japanese-Scot/Irish/Cherokee blood. I have forwarded your page for them to experience. I know that your son would have served well as a Nightstalker.

Sincerely and with deepest regrets,

John A. Conwell
Senior Army Aviator
Senior Army Air Crewman
Chief Warrant Officer Three (Retired)
United States Cavalry


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