CW2 Francisco Javier Ruiz Gómez

Tribute To
CW2 Francisco Javier Ruiz
My Son
Feb. 13, 1965 - June 18, 1996


Company A, the 9th Battalion of
the 101st Airborne Division
Fort Campbell, Ky.

Chief Warrant Officer Francisco Javier Ruiz was a great husband, son, brother, and friend.The most important thing in his life was his love for his wife, family, and friends. His conversations were dominated by words about those that were special to him. The love of his life was his wife Lisa.

Frank is also survived by his father Emilio, his mother Candida, sisters Malena, Karen and Jessica, brothers Emilio and Enrique; grandparents Emilio and Zoila Ruiz, Geraldo and Aleida Gomez.

Here today, and in many far off places, are many that he called friend.He cared for these relationships and was always there to do anything for the people he loved without hesitation.

Frank was also a tremendous soldier, officer, and aviator.
CW2 Ruiz began his distinguished career in 1983 as an AH-1 Cobra Crew chief. Following his enlisted service and completion of his airframe and power plant mechanic training, he continued his work in aviation as a contract maintenance mechanic. During this time he successfully applied for Army Warrant Officer Flight Training. He completed flight school in May 1990 and was thrilled that his first unit of assignment as an aviator was 9th Battalion of the 101st Airborne Division; the battalion that he would return to after a year in Korea. He deployed and served with distinction in the 101st during Operations Desert Shield
and Desert Storm. 9101 was always part of Frank.

When 9th Battalion, and many of his friends and fellow soldiers prepared for operations in Somalia in 1993, Frank requested that his PCS assignment orders be deletedand that he deploy with them. That's the way he was.

In every endeavor, Frank was dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. Frank was selected as the distinguished graduate of his flight school class. He completed his bachelors degree in March, 1995 and graduated summa cum laude. In keeping with his constant drive to be the best, Frank applied, assessed, and was accepted to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

He was looking forward to joining the Night Stalkers next year.Frank was committed to the Army and Army Aviation. Included in his application for flight school was the required letter in which each candidate must express why he wants to be an aviator.

His own words taken from his letter illustrate Frank's desire and depth of commitment.

He wrote the following:

My desire to be aviator dates back to childhood. My father served as a pilot in the Peruvian Air Force and was the prime inspiration and motivation for my desire to fly. As a result of my interest in aviation, I became active in the Civil Air Patrol. Involvement in the Civil Air Patrol provided many skills and values, including self discipline, responsibility, attention to detail, confidence and pride in workmanship.

Later he closed his letter by writing:

These personal and professional experiences have given me the qualifications and the maturity to make the Army my career. I take great pride in serving my country and part of the shield of freedom that serves to protect the people of the United States of America.

We will all remember Frank in different ways,
but all of us will remember him as a friend and soldier
who enriched our lives and made us better because of knowing him.

Farewell Pancho... you were the best.


CPT Edmund Ackerman,
CW3 Jerry Woods,
CW2 Paul Gottwig
Speaker: CW3 Jerry Wood